Ros Schwartz

Ros Schwartz is an award-winning literary translator, a leading light in the UK’s Translators’ Association of the Society of Authors and one of Britain’s foremost specialists in cross-cultural corporate communications.

A freelancer since 1980, Ros has translated some 60 works of fiction and non-fiction, particularly novels by contemporary Francophone writers. She runs a small translation company with a team of translators working into and out of the major European languages and specializing in the arts, development and corporate literature. She works for a select number of clients with the emphasis on quality and style, developing long-term relationships based on good communications. She runs numerous workshops, is a frequent speaker on the international circuit and publishes articles on translation-related issues. See

Ros was Chair of the European Council of Literary Translators Associations (CEATL) from 2000 -2009 and is currently Chair of English PEN’s Writers in Translation Programme. She was made a Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2009.


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